FireCel Mega 6 – Hand Warmer/ Charger/ Flashlight – Window Box (English Language)

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  • 3-in-1 Outdoor tool:  Hand warmer, Power bank and 4 mode flashlight
  • Provides up to 8 hours of scent free heat
  • Ergonomic aluminum body with Power Curve design enhances heat transfer
  • IP65 rated water resistant and dust proof and drop tested tough- ready for any excursion
  • 6000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery charges smartphone, tablets, sports cameras, MP3 players and other USB –powered devices
  • C-Link feature allows for connecting other Celestron power banks to extend heat times up to 16 hours
  • Auto charge feature means no buttons to push- simply plug your device into the USB OUT port to begin charging
  • Includes 550 paracord strap with carabiner, soft carry bag and USB charging cable

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Elements by Celestron is a line of rechargeable electronic tools designed for the avid outdoorsman. They are water resistant, dust proof, crush proof and drop tested to withstand the abuses of the wild.

The FireCel MEGA 6 is a rugged, ergonomic, 3-in-1 tool featuring a hand warmer, portable power bank and 4 mode LED flashlight. The power curve design allows for comfortable use in both your hands and a pocket, while also maximizing the contact points for heat transfer.

The hand warmer is good for a full day of heat- up to 8 hours, at temperatures up to 114°F. The 6000 mAh rechargeable lithium battery can charge smartphones, tablets, sport cameras, MP3 players and other USB-powered devices.

The integrated 4-mode LED flashlight features both white and red LEDs. The red LEDs are ideal for adventures that call for preserving night vision, like astronomy or night hunting. The Celestron Elements FireCel MEGA 6 is an indispensable addition to your adventure pack- never go into the wilderness without it

Functionality: 3-in-1 device: portable power pack, LED flashlight, and hand warmer
Battery Type: Lithium ion
Battery Size: 6000 mAh
Battery Rating (Wh): 22.2Wh
Energy Density (Wh/L): 1278 Wh/L
Power Consumption Rate (W): 9W
Battery Life- Hand Warmer function: Up to 8 hours continuous use with fully charged battery
Battery life – White Light function: White LEDs / Red LEDs (150H) | White LEDs and Red LEDs ON (75H) | White LEDs and Red LEDs SOS (180H)
Battery life – Red Light function: White LEDs / Red LEDs (150H) | White LEDs and Red LEDs ON (75H) | White LEDs and Red LEDs SOS (180H)
Battery Life- Warmer and Light Function When Used Together: Warmer: Up to 8 hours | Light function: White LEDs / Red LEDs (150H), White LEDs and Red LEDs ON (75H), White LEDs and Red LEDs SOS (180H)
Battery Life – Charging function: SmartPhone (2100mAh) : 2.5X | Tablet (8500mAh) : 0.5X | MP3 Player (1100mAh) : 4.5X | Sport Camera (1100mAh) : 4.5X
Hand Warmer Temperature Range: up to 114°F (45.5°C)
Hand Warmer Heat modes: On/Off
Flashlight Modes: White LEDs On | Red LEDs On | White and Red LEDs On | White and Red LEDs Flashing S.O.S.
Flashlight Bulb: (2) Bright White / (2) Red LEDs
LED indicators: (4) Blue- Battery indicator LEDs | (1) Red- Hand warmer indicator | (1) Green- Charge OUT indicator
Auto Charge Feature: Plug into the standard USB Port and the FireCel Mega 6 will automatically start to charge your device
Power Input: Mini USB Port: (Celestron Smart Charge) 5V-500mA to 1.8A max
Power Output: (1) USB Port :5V-2.1A
Input Charge Time: PC USB Port: 500 mA 12 hours | PC USB Port: 1800 mA 4 hours | 5V/1A plug: 1000mA 6 hours
C-Link Feature: Compatible with other Celestron Elements power banks for extending heat time and recharging the internal battery
Ports: Standard 2.0 USB Port: 5V- 2.1A (Smart Charge Technology)
Storage Temperature Range: optimal 68° – 77°F (20° – 25°C)
Operating Temperature Range: 32° – 113°F (0° – 45°C)
Environmental Protection Level: IP-65 Rating: Dust Standard 6: Complete Dust Protection | Water Standard 5: Water resistant- Protected from 6.3mm spray of water (12.5 liters per minute) in any direction
Ergonomics: Fits ergonomically in your hand ensuring full contact when using hand warmer
Weight: 6.2 oz (177 g)
Dimensions: 51.3mm x 24.42mm x 117.71mm (2″ x .96″ x 4.6″)
Included Items: 4″-550 paracord strap with carabiner | USB charging cable | Soft carry pouch
Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 6.5 × 20 cm