ThermoCharge 3 – Hand Warmer/Charger

AED 103.00

  • A 2-in-1 hand warmer and portable power bank for charging mobile devices on the go
  • 3000 mAh lithium battery gives up to 4 hours of continuous heat
  • 5V 2.1A USB port charges 5V DC devices, including smartphones and tablets
  • Durable aluminum housing
  • Ergonomically designed to provide maximum contact with your hands
  • Convenient size easily fits in your pocket, purse, glove compartment or bag pocket

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Celestron Elements ThermoCharge 3 is a must-have 2-in-1 tool that everyone needs: a long-lasting hand warmer that provides up to 4 hours of continuous heat and a portable power bank to charge your personal electronics.

Whether you’re enjoying a cold hike, camping, stargazing, or just sitting on your front porch, the ThermoCharge 3 will provide heat and power to keep you going. It’s a great addition to your adventure gear or emergency kit.

ThermoCharge 3 will keep your hands toasty warm with a maximum temperature of 113°F. It features an ergonomic design to provide maximum contact with your hands, keeping you warm and comfortable. Unlike single-use chemical hand warmers, ThermoCharge is scent-free and its lithium ion battery can be recharged again and again.

When you need to top off the charge on your smartphone or tablet, just plug it into the 5V-1A charging port. You can even use the charging and hand warmer functions at the same time.

Functionality: 2-in-1 device: portable power pack and hand warmer
Battery Type: Lithium ion
Battery Size: 3000 mAh
Battery Rating (Wh): 11.1Wh
Energy Density (Wh/L): 671 Wh/L
Power Consumption Rate (W): 5W
Battery Life- Hand Warmer function: At least 4 hours continuous use (based on fully charged battery)
Battery Life – Charging function: Smartphone (2100 mAh): 0.9 charges | Tablet (8200 mAh): 0.23 charges | MP3 player (1100 mAh): 1.8 charges | Sports/action camera (1100 mAh): 1.8 charg
Hand Warmer Temperature Range: Up to 113°F (45°C)
Hand Warmer Heat modes: On/Off
LED indicators: (1) Green LED/Red LED – Green indicates charging external device, Red indicates hand warmer mode | (1) Blue LED indicates internal battery charging
Auto Charge Feature: Plug into the standard USB Port and activate unit via on/off power button
Power Input: Mini USB Connector / 5V- 1A
Power Output: Standard 2.0 USB Connector / 5V- 1A
Input Charge Time: internal battery charge time: USB – 5 hours
C-Link Feature: None
Ports: (1) Mini USB Port for charging internal lithium ion battery, (1) standard USB 2.0 out port for charging devices
Storage Temperature Range: optimal 68° – 77°F (20° – 25°C)
Operating Temperature Range: 32° – 113°F (0° – 45°C)
Environmental Protection Level: None
Ergonomics: Fits ergonomically in your hand ensure full contact when using hand warmer
Weight: 5.22 oz (148 g)
Dimensions: 44.9mm x 94.6mm x 22.9mm (1.76″ x 3.72″ x 0.9″)
Included Items: Black USB-A to USB mini-A charging cable | Storage pouch | Instruction sheet
Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 8.5 × 4 × 12 cm